Brexit, Scotland, and the Dog that didn’t Bark.

During the Brexit referendum campaign, David Cameron argued that a ‘Leave’ vote would result in Scotland leaving the UK. Voting ‘Remain’ was, he claimed, the ‘patriotic’ thing to do. Following the referendum, in which England voted Leave but Scotland voted Remain by almost two to one, Nicola Sturgeon, who no doubt hoped that Cameron’s warning … Continue reading Brexit, Scotland, and the Dog that didn’t Bark.


After the Judgement, Whither Scotland?

After the Judgement, Whither Scotland? The Supreme Court ruling in relation to Brexit has brought a certain grim constitutional clarity. It was a reassertion of one of the guiding principles of the British constitution: the sovereignty of Parliament. Even Dicey got a mention in its support (para 43). And let there be no doubt in … Continue reading After the Judgement, Whither Scotland?