Scotland and the Myth of the ‘Corbyn Bounce’

What explains the SNP’s performance in the 2017 general election? Although recent focus has been on the ‘Corbyn factor’ theory, Sean Swan writes that many factors were at play. Too much focus on Corbyn is not going to be productive for the SNP. The SNP, or at least sections of it, have been dissecting the … Continue reading Scotland and the Myth of the ‘Corbyn Bounce’


The Real SNP ‘Peak’ is yet to come – if…

The cleavages created by Labour’s 2017 electoral performance and by Brexit have made the political landscape more challenging for the SNP. But if the party are able to tack successfully into the new political winds, these challenges can be met, writes Sean Swan, making the forthcoming conference decisive for the party’s future. The SNP annual … Continue reading The Real SNP ‘Peak’ is yet to come – if…

It ain’t me, babe.

Accept no substitutes! Apparently there is a new unionist group which calls itself 'These Islands'. Imitation is, of course, the sincerest form of flattery, but this new group has no connection with this website. If their intention is to explore potential new constitutional relationships between the nations of these islands, we wish them well. The … Continue reading It ain’t me, babe.